Lynareo is a California-based rapper whose music is available on all major streaming platforms, with music videos on YouTube. In a recent interview with Dyanci, Lynareo shared his journey, creative process, and thoughts on the role of rap music in raising awareness and addressing social issues.

The Beginning of Lynareo’s Career

Lynareo was inspired to pursue a career in rap after being complimented on his freestyling skills in middle school. He later started writing songs with a friend for fun and was finally motivated to put out his own music when he saw young artists like Lil Pump and Lil Yachty making it big during the SoundCloud era. Though initially not taking it seriously, Lynareo now considers himself one of the best in the game.

Lynareo’s Unique Style and Approach

When asked about his unique style and approach to writing and performing rap music, Lynareo explained that he can go crazy on any type of beat and has a lot of unreleased music with different styles. However, his main two styles are his upbeat songs when he’s rapping and talking smack, and his melodic pain songs when he’s singing. He also incorporates his personal beliefs and experiences into his lyrics, believing that rap music can raise awareness and help people feel heard.

Lynareo’s Creative Process

Lynareo’s creative process is simple: find a beat, freestyle a bit, write, and record. He still prefers to write his songs instead of doing the punch-in freestyle technique. He also takes feedback and criticism seriously, differentiating between constructive criticism and hate. He believes that his bars and punchlines are out of this world and sets his music apart from other artists in the rap genre.

Lynareo’s Motivation and Advice

Though setbacks are inevitable in the music industry, Lynareo remains motivated by the thought of eventually living lavishly with his people. His advice to aspiring rappers is to keep going and to believe in themselves wholeheartedly. He also emphasizes the importance of not half-assing it.

Lynareo’s Fashion and Collaborations

As for his fashion sense, Lynareo wears what he thinks looks nice, and he exudes sauciness. Collaborations are also beneficial to Lynareo, as they bring in new audiences for both parties involved.

Conclusion: Lynareo’s Rising Success

Lynareo appreciates all the love and support he’s received so far, and he’s excited to keep going up. With his catchy lyrics and unique style, it’s no wonder that Lynareo is rising above the rest in the rap industry.




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