4Fate is a Hispanic artist originally from Santa Ana, California who is now based in Austin, Texas. He is making a name for himself in the Texas indie/rap scene. In a recent interview, he shared how he got his start in the industry and his biggest musical influences.

Starting in Music

4Fate’s passion for music started with seeing people his own age reaching high places and following their dreams, which motivated him to pursue a career in rap. Though he had previously played guitar, he found himself drawn to the aesthetic rap scene and was inspired by love songs. Starting on SoundCloud, 4Fate released tracks until he gained traction with his song “WITH U” featuring Kasitro, which motivated him to work even harder.

Dream Collaborations and Influences

When asked about his dream collaboration, 4Fate cited SGPWES and Slump6s, both of whom are a huge inspiration to his music. He would also love to work with Yeat, whom he believes is possible as long as he keeps working hard and improving.
4Fate’s music is heavily influenced by underground artists, particularly those around his own age. Funeral, SGPWES, Slump6s, Yeat, $not, 1nonly, Lilbootycall, and Jasiah are some of his biggest inspirations. He loves how these artists can create fun, random songs without being afraid to change genres and try new things.

Special Songs and Unique Style

One of 4Fate’s most special songs is “teenz,” which he poured all his emotion and energy into. Though it is underrated compared to some of his other tracks, the lyrics are all true, and the rock/indie style is unique to his catalog.

4Fate believes that what sets his music apart is his dedication to giving his listeners the best possible experience. He is always striving to improve his mixing and mastering and push himself to create new sounds and genres. He hopes that his consistency and range of genres will make him stand out among other artists in the rap genre.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Industry

In terms of the challenges and opportunities of being a rapper in today’s industry, 4Fate sees the broader availability of music as both a challenge and an opportunity. He acknowledges that gaining new listeners’ attention can be challenging, but he has found social media to be highly beneficial for growing and connecting with his supporters. As an independent artist, he is constantly learning and growing in his promotional skills.

Creative Process and Message for Fans

When he experiences writer’s block or creative stagnation, 4Fate takes time to focus on his wellbeing and seeks inspiration from other artists. His lyrics are mostly created on the spot, and he enjoys feeling the beat and creating catchy choruses.

Finally, 4Fate has a message for his fans and supporters: “Don’t let anything stop you from doing you, and I won’t let anything stop me from being me. Thank you for this opportunity.”

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    1. Thanks for being a part of this and sharing your story with us! Your passion and creativity are truly inspiring, and we hope more people can learn from it. Keep up the great work and wishing you all the best in your journey!

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