If you’re a fan of the rap genre, you may have already heard of MoneyTall Leek, a rising star from Montréal, Canada. Known for his energetic and relatable style that resonates with his fans, MoneyTall Leek aims to make a difference, especially for the raw talent coming from his city. He believes that Montréal has good artists and wants to prove it, making an impact for the people in Canada, especially in his city.


MoneyTall Leek ‘s Aim to Prove Montréal has Good Artists

How did MoneyTall Leek get started in the rap industry? In a recent interview with Dyanci, he shared that he wanted to make a difference, especially for the raw talent coming from his city. He aims to prove to people that Montréal has good artists and make an impact for the people in Canada, especially in his city.

Unique Style and Approach

MoneyTall Leek’s style and approach to writing and performing rap music are unique. He describes it as energetic, hard-hitting, and relatable, ensuring that whatever he raps about speaks to him and gives energy to people who need it.


Belief in the Power of Rap Music

As an artist, MoneyTall Leek believes that rap music can play a significant role in raising awareness and addressing social issues. He feels that it is his job to share his beliefs and spread a positive message.


Creative Process: Going with the Flow

When it comes to creating new tracks or albums, MoneyTall Leek goes with the flow. Everything depends on the beat he selects, and sometimes it’s written in advance, while other times, it’s not.


Handling Criticism and Feedback

MoneyTall Leek respects criticism, especially if it’s constructive. However, he tends to follow his own critics about himself to improve as an artist overall.


Motivating and Inspiring Through Music

MoneyTall Leek’s music aims to motivate, inspire, vibe, and have fun with it. He wants to motivate the people who need it and those who want to be locked in and focused.


MoneyTall Leek Drops New Single “New Flow” to Inspire and Motivate the Youth

His new track “NEW FLOW” is out now and is a must-listen for fans of the rap genre. The song embodies the Canadian mentality and serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for the youth to stay focused on their goals.

Staying Focused: Advice to Aspiring Rappers

MoneyTall Leek stays motivated and focused by knowing that his goals can be achieved in his next song. He advises aspiring rappers to stay true to themselves and always remember their purpose. He also emphasizes the importance of staying patient and persistent, as success does not happen overnight.


Collaboration is Key

MoneyTall Leek believes that collaboration is essential in the music industry. It allows him to bring new ideas and create something new and innovative. It’s also an excellent way to connect with other artists and producers and build a strong network within the industry.



It is clear that MoneyTall Leek is passionate about his music and message, and he is committed to making a difference in the industry. As our interview came to a close, he took a moment to express his gratitude. “I would like to thank Clutchalleyhoops for the opportunity,” he said. “Allowing me to spread the word and let them know what Canada is all about. On my end, I will keep going and drop more in the future. Thank you, it’s MoneyTall Leek and I’m out!” We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future.


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