In this interview, Dyanci sat down with Slim Rig. Slim Rig is a rap artist hailing from East Brunswick, New Jersey. Throughout the interview, Slim Rig discusses a variety of topics, including his career in rap, his dream collaboration, his unique style and approach to writing and performing rap music, the role of rap music in raising awareness and addressing social issues, his creative process when it comes to writing and recording new music, how he handles criticism and feedback, what sets his music apart from other artists in the rap genre, and how he stays motivated and focused in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry.


Slim Rig’s journey in rap and what inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Slim Rig has been writing rap music since he was 14 years old and started seriously recording at 17. His inspiration to pursue a career in rap came from his love for the genre since he was 10 years old. Most people know him from Instagram, word of mouth from friends, or from the 15 articles that have been written about him.


Slim Rig’s dream collaboration, the reasons behind it, and what he hopes to learn from the experience.

When asked about his dream collaboration, Slim Rig said that he would love to work with Eminem, who was the first rapper he ever listened to and who he considers to be the GOAT. He describes his music as lyrical new age hip hop with an aspect of old school rap to stay true to his favorite generation of music ever. When it comes to performing, Slim Rig is all about energy, and the more energy he brings to his songs, the more energy the crowd feels and reciprocates back.


Role of rap music in raising awareness

Slim Rig believes that rap music can play a significant role in raising awareness and addressing social issues. For him, he wants to be a voice for someone dealing with depression, struggling with motivation, or just looking for a reason to get out of bed every day. His debut album, 2 Sides To Every Story, was an introduction to himself and how there’s always two sides to every situation, no matter what you think you may know about somebody.


Slim Rig’s creative process when writing and recording new music.

Slim Rig’s creative process involves constantly freestyling and creating flows in his head, and when he finds the right beat, it’s like a puzzle putting everything together. He is big on concept and not just rapping about strippers and guns. Slim Rig takes all criticism and uses it as motivation to keep going and doing him.


How Slim Rig sets himself apart from other artists in the rap genre and what he hopes listeners take away from his music.

Slim Rig separates himself from other artists in the rap genre by keeping his music lyrical but still relatable to everyone at the same time. He hopes listeners can relate to everyday problems he talks about and after listening to his songs take their headphones off with a smile on their face. His family and girlfriend motivate him every day, and he wants to be successful for his family to get all the benefits and live comfortably from him.


Message to fans and supporters

Finally, when asked if there was anything else he’d like to share or say to his fans and supporters, Slim Rig said “Lastly, thank you to anyone who read through this interview. I appreciate you greatly and don’t consider you a fan. I consider you family. Please DM me or reach out if anyone needs advice, wants to collaborate, or even just have a real conversation about anything. I’m an open book and would love to get to know anybody that supports me. SLIM RIG FOREVER 🙏

“I would first like to thank ClutchAlleyHoops for the opportunity to promote my music and for this article as well! any upcoming rapper should collab with you as your platform continues to grow. My new Song McFlurry will be dropping soon so make sure you follow me on instagram @slimrig and stream my music on all platforms!”


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