Tonee Marino is a musician, artist, and producer from New York, whose music has been heard on the radio and seen on stages around the country. In this interview with Dyanci, Marino talks about his journey in the music industry, his creative process, and what sets his music apart from other artists in the rap genre.


Inspiration and Beginnings of Tonee Marino’s Music Career

When asked about his inspiration to pursue a career in rap and how he got started in the industry, Marino reveals that music has always been a passion of his. He grew up listening to artists like Drake, Michael Jackson, and 50 Cent, and eventually started posting content on social media pages. As his following grew, he started putting out his own music, doing bigger shows, and eventually writing, producing, and co-engineering all of his own records.


Tonee Marino’s Unique Style That Sets Him Apart in the Music Industry

Marino’s unique style is described as outside the box, with each record sounding different from the last due to his wide variety of musical taste. He goes purely off feeling, creating music based on his mood, whether it’s angry, happy, sad, or anything in between. He incorporates his personal beliefs and experiences into his lyrics, discussing situations he has been through, emotions he has felt, and opinions he holds.


The Creative Process of Tonee Marino’s Music Production

When it comes to his creative process, Marino typically starts by making the beat, perfecting it until it’s ready to write on. Once he gets that first line down, the rest of the song usually flows easily. Marino prides himself on his punchlines and clever bars, adding lines that he would use as an Instagram caption.


How Tonee Marino Handles Criticism and Feedback from Fans and Professionals

Marino takes criticism and feedback from fans and industry professionals differently, responding accordingly. Genuine criticism is appreciated and taken into consideration, while Instagram trolls are simply clowned back. Marino trusts in himself and his music, making the type of music he enjoys listening to. He hopes to make his listeners’ day better and motivate them to work harder and become the best version of themselves.


Challenges Faced by Tonee Marino in His Music Career and His Advice for Aspiring Artists

One of the biggest challenges Marino has faced in his career is learning about the industry on his own, especially as a kid. He had to learn to deal with people on a business level, how to market himself, and how to improve as an artist without any industry connections or label to back him. Despite this challenge, Marino remains motivated by believing in himself and his goals. For aspiring rappers just starting out, Marino advises them to stay consistent and always put their best foot forward. He stresses the importance of believing in oneself and taking the time to learn about the industry, marketing, and improving as an artist.


Tonee Marino’s Versatility and Commitment to Excellence

Tonee Marino is a versatile artist with his own unique sound. He trusts in himself and his music, using his personal experiences and emotions to create relatable and uplifting tracks. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on his goals, Tonee Marino is sure to continue to make a name for himself in the music industry.


Final Remarks from Tonee Marino on Staying Faithful, Humble, and Motivated

To stay in tune with Tonee’s releases, make sure to follow him on Spotify and other social media platforms. He drops a new song almost every month, so you won’t want to miss out on his latest tracks. Make sure to mark your calendars for March 31st and be one of the first to listen to “Hittin Different” when it drops! Finally, Marino leaves his fans and supporters with these words of wisdom: “Stay faithful, stay humble, and stay motivated. Chase your dreams and put in 1000% effort in whatever you do. Don’t let negativity discourage you, and don’t let nonsense distract you. Be careful of deceiving people, and keep the right people around you. God bless!”

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